We take the Covid-19 issue very seriously.

1. Each patient is asked to try attend at exactly their apt time to reduce social interaction.

2. Each patient will be given a face mask and expected to use it throughout their time in the clinic.

3. Each patient is required to use hand sanitizer provided.

4. Each patient will have their forehead temperature taken with infrared thermometer.

5. Each patient will be asked to leave all belongings at the front desk area.

6. Each patient will be asked to attend the clinic on their own if possible to reduce social interaction.

7. The receptionist and chiropractor will wearing a face mask. The chiropractor will also be using a new pair of latex gloves for each patient.

8. The treatment table will be disinfected between each patient.

9. The head/face area of the table will be covered with wide paper roll in additional to the regular face paper.

10. Credit card machine and all used surfaces will be regularly wiped.

11. Each patient will have their blood oxygen cancentration measured.

12. Each patient will be tested for Anosmia. (loss of smell)